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SecureStrux, LLC is a women-owned small business (WOSB) cybersecurity firm that provides specialized services in the areas of compliance, vulnerability management, computer network defense, and cybersecurity strategies. With employees operating from 11 different states across the US supporting both CONUS and OCONUS clients, our diverse and seasoned team members are committed to empowering clients with the knowledge and tools they need to build and successfully run their cybersecurity programs.

At A-LIGN, we believe that extraordinary people and innovative technology can create something incredible. Our partnerships are built on passion, dedication and results — and every member of our team is all in. Success to us means unprecedented service and availability for our clients and unprecedented opportunities for our employees. We focus on people and technology to achieve both, with a strong emphasis on quality that extends to our services; we take a lifecycle approach to cybersecurity and compliance with every client. Our core tenets reflect this relentless personality, which we’re proud to bring to the summit for our clients.

The detection of undisclosed and zero-day exploits is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Votiro's goal is to provide solutions to safeguard against undisclosed and zero-day exploits. Based on the company's patented Advanced Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology, Votiro solutions apply an active cleansing process to all incoming files and email messages, neutralizing undisclosed exploits without having to detect signatures. The process is automatic and therefore does not rely on employees assessment of incoming files safety. Solutions using Votiro's patented technology have been certified by major security authorities around the world.

Based in Canada, NTL is a security testing and compliance services providing firm that has been working in this field for the past half a decade. Today, NTL has a full suite of cybersecurity services and a global reach, with clients in nine different countries. Our personnel have worked with organizations such as CSIS and the FBI to conduct key malware research.

The fast evolution and constant threat of cyber attacks, our ever-growing reliance upon digital processes, and the exponential increase in online data makes cyber security one of the greatest challenges of our time. Despite this, few are equipped with the necessary skills to tackle it. Hacker House was created to close the skills gap quickly, efficiently and effectively. Taught by world-renowned ethical hackers, our students are plunged head-first into real world cyber-attack simulations and are assessed across a variety of practical assignments designed to cover every angle. In short, we teach students how to think, act and move like a hacker – and then outmanoeuvre them. Sadly, this kind of approach did not exist on the market before Hacker House; cyber security qualifications were mostly delivered by large, expensive training firms, relied heavily on theory, and were often out-of-date even before publication. What was critically required was cyber security training that moved as fast as the attackers. Thus, Hacker House was born. Our method not only equips people with the right skills and mindsets, but can train many people at scale. Hacker House initially began with training nights in East London but quickly developed into series of workshops. Soon, this evolved into a four-day, classroom based course called ‘Hands on Hacking’. The Hands on Hacking course is made up of modules around core concepts, from intelligence analysis to penetration testing. Taught by real hackers, your employees will learn the skills used by ethical hackers to conduct a variety of assessment activities, and upon completion of each lesson staff will be taught how to launch and defend against an attack.

My1Login’s IAM solution supports identity standards such as SAML, SCIM, OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect, but uniquely can also integrate with target applications that don’t have connectors (e.g. legacy and mainframes), to offer a true SSO experience for end-users. My1Login works across cloud, mobile and legacy, thick-client applications enabling control of user identity and access while delivering a return on investment. The service can be deployed rapidly, even in the most complex enterprise environments.

Virus Bulletin is an online security information portal and certification body, providing users with independent intelligence about the latest developments in the global threat landscape, as well as conducting bimonthly certifications of anti-malware and anti-spam products and running an annual international IT security conference. Virus Bulletin is supported by an Advisory Board comprising some of the world's leading anti-malware and anti-spam experts.

ounded in 2012, GoSecure has worked towards one simple goal – preventing breaches. Tactics change, technology adapts, security teams ebb and flow in size and budget, yet breaches still occur. As organizations adopt a “when, not if” approach towards breaches, many are looking for true help, not just another new technology. GoSecure Managed Detection and Response is the only MDR solution that combines visibility across all major attack vectors with industry leading threat intelligence and operational experience. It’s this unique combination that allows GoSecure MDR to detect breaches sooner and respond before data loss begins. Detection with Response – the GoSecure way!

Memset are award-winning providers of dedicated servers, VPS (virtual servers), managed hosting and cloud IaaS.

Matta is passionately focussed on delivering superlative service in the Information Security arena. Recruiting and retaining the very best local and international talent in the business, Matta prides itself of offering bespoke solutions (not just off-the-shelf products), in order to help clients achieve and exceed goals. Matta regularly speaks at BlackHat, DEF CON and other world-renowned (and notorious!) information security conferences, where they continue to win awards. Past and existing clients are necessarily confidential, but include FTSE-100 companies across the Finance, Energy and Retail sectors…

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