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Connecting users to vendors to allow them to make informed procurement, investment or partnering decisions with confidence.

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Who is Jenny?

The portal that provides you with on-demand access to 360-degree trusted and essential market intelligence on cyber technology vendor and service providers.

Meet Jenny 2.0, the revolutionary AI-driven platform that’s already helping thousands of users across the globe make more informed decisions on cyber.

Jenny significantly minimises the risk from vendor analysis, whilst also enabling users access to Cyber Security Business Intelligence not available elsewhere.

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Evaluate every security vendor without the overwhelm or confusion from smoke & mirrors

Powerful insights so you can make decisions with confidence

More complete dissection of security companies so you can understand the real differences

Global reach so you can see every option

Save research time and money through aggregated information at your fingertips

Free access to deep-dives on company information

Award Winning Platform

User Testimonials

Ian Luddington

Program Manager - Global Cyber Security, Vodafone

“Jenny promises to help simplify the complex and ever changing Cyber Security vendor landscape. She will be a great help to organisations, both large and small, in navigating this landscape, and assisting them to find the right capabilities to address their cyber security challenges and priorities. I look forward to seeing Jenny’s skills continue to evolve and mature to achieve in this space.”

Naveen Vasudeva

Chief Security Officer

“A game changing technology that will bring together the cyber security community in truly understanding services, technologies, and consultancy's being offered locally and globally at a touch of a finger. Truly innovative.”

Sarah Armstrong Smith

Top 50 Most Influential Women in Cybersecurity 2018 and 2019, NED and Public Speaker

“Jenny promises to do for cybersecurity, what Amazon has done for small businesses; providing a single intelligent marketplace, to connect users with vendors.”

Alan Jenkins

Trusted Advisor, Interim CISO, CISO-in-Residence @CyLonLab and Principal Consultant at Cyber Security Navigator Ltd

“I’m very much interested to see what Jenny unearths ... Could be a great RTM for CyLon startups & scale-ups. I’m particularly excited by the potential for dynamic due diligence & supply chain assurance.“

Trevor Compton

WW VP Sales

“The proliferation of vendors addressing the problem of cyber-security has been extraordinary in the last few years, making it harder and harder for organisations to find the right solutions. Jenny is a much needed platform to help companies build their security strength; Blueliv has long believed that collaboration is key in defeating cyber crime and we are proud to be associated with this important endeavor.”

Vinnie Bhanderi

Head of Information Security - Open Banking

“Jenny is a truly innovative way to search for security providers, the information on the platform is clear, concise and most all of all, it is unbiased. Well done Team Jenny.”

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