Who is Jenny

In a hugely complex and growing marketplace, it can be difficult to sort through all the white noise and just find the right technology vendors and service providers.

On the flipside, it’s nearly impossible for vendors with truly innovative and cost-effective solutions to be heard over the many other 1000’s of suppliers.

Jenny is the totally agnostic Cyber Business Intelligence Platform that helps you to make informed, validated, and trusted decisions on security vendors.

Why we created Jenny?

Explosive Vendor Growth has led to complete information overload

Search Fatigue means users are exhausted and untrusting of vendors when looking for the right solution

Clarity - Users have been unable to find a uniform standard for vendor analysis, one based on something more than just marketing & sales from each vendor… until now

Who We Help

IT/IT Security Professionals – Validated and verified vendor capabilities, see essential data from chosen vendors side-by-side, and recorded pre-sales sessions (Challenger Interviews) on-demand

Procurement Teams – Pre-validated and verified vendor information, supplier financials, security scoring, and key insurance information

Venture Capital/Investors – Make faster and qualified investment decisions through deeper data profiles, increasing deal flow, faster research time for analysts, and searchable investor information

Businesses – Validate vendor capabilities, explore integrations, see financials & investments, and investigate partnership opportunities

Government – Identify and monitor breakthrough technologies before they enter the market with our research practice

A message from
our founder

Overwhelmed by the number of cyber security vendors and tools on the market, Tinesh founded Decipher Cyber - ‘Jenny’, as a way of understanding and simplifying a complex cyber security market

“My passion is to enable users to understand what cyber security services are available to them instantly and effortlessly, without spending hours researching the market. With an explosion of niche and innovative cyber technologies and suppliers all looking for space to bring solutions to the market, Jenny helps close this gap, whilst at the same time leveling out the playing field between the start ups, SMEs and large security vendors”

Tinesh Chhaya

CEO & Founder

The Board

Numan Cheema

Co - Founder / Lead Platform Director

Tinesh Chhaya

CEO & Co Founder


Mike Gawthorne

Strategy & Business Development

Chetan Shah

Strategic Sales Advisor, Strategy and GTM

Paul Gibson

Director of Partnerships

Keith Price

UK & US Cyber Market Advisor, Jenny Chief Security Lead & Evangelist


Karla Reffold

Alan Jenkins

Sarah Armstrong Smith

Ryan Surry

Paul Innella

Team Jenny

Mikael Giacomini

Lead Developer

Enrico Renna

Web Developer

Tomas Zaluckij

Front End Developer

Davide Pollicino

Back End Developer

Michele Lizzit

Machine Learning Agent

Cassie Lowes

Customer Success Manager

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