Jenny helps provide the cyber security vendors and service providers with a level playing field and global market exposure

How Jenny helps you

Equal visibility for cyber security vendors

Jenny provides a platform for all vendors – large and small - to comprehensively demonstrate their capabilities and provide information for users that's critical to their buying journey. No more pay-to-play influence models as each vendor has the same opportunity to present their solution.

A Channel with Global Reach

Jenny removes the geographic barriers to connect with users, and provides a permanent, centralised platform to communicate with your prospects across the world

A Path To New Business

Jenny connects directly to your business website, meaning new opportunities will be driven directly from our platform

Be Transparent

Your Jenny Profile provides the information users need to cultivate trust and confidence in your company

Greater Trust from Users

By becoming a “Verified Vendor” badge, it shows that you have provided the verified profile information buyers need to make critical buying decisions

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