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At Terbium Labs, we know that sensitive data will always be at risk. That’s why we developed Matchlight, the world’s first fully private, fully automated Dark Web Data Intelligence System. We monitor the dark web for your private data fingerprints and notify you immediately if even a trace of your information shows up where it shouldn’t. With fingerprint monitoring and automated tracking for key terms and patterns, such as email addresses or payment card numbers, we can monitor your sensitive assets like customer and employee information and financial data without you having to reveal any information to us. Let us help reduce the risk of inevitable data exposure.

CensorNet provides a multi-channel, multi-layered approach to securing the cloud via its purpose-built platform. CensorNet delivers integrated web security, email security, CASB and multi-factor authentication to provide security focused visibility and control of an organization’s assets. Our elastic security platform combines traditional security controls (e.g. web/URL filtering, email security) with granular cloud application control and adaptive multi-factor authentication to allow access while controlling outcomes. The complete solution helps enforce Internet usage policies, tracks cloud application usage, and controls access to sensitive data in cloud applications such as customer records in, to protect against the biggest risks for the greatest impact.

A next-generation cybersecurity company protecting people, data, and brands from advanced threats and compliance risks

We provide external threat intelligence, incident response, and security awareness training solutions that mitigate digital risks and give you control you need to protect your enterprise, customers, and brands.

ODI is a privately owned company established in 2009 ODI provides unique cyber security solutions to variety of companies and enterprises of all sizes.

At EdgeWave our mission is to enable enterprises to confidently embrace today's connected world. We do this by providing simple but highly effective data security and advanced threat protection in solutions that are affordable, scalable and easy to use. Security breaches, data leaks and web and email attacks are a real threat to your organization. Now, more than ever, you need a new approach to web and email security and management. Don't let the limitations of traditional technologies prevent you from protecting your users and your corporate information.

Aquilai was founded in 2017 by AI data scientists and security experts to solve the number one problem in cyber security – phishing Shaped and influenced by experts at the UK’s GCHQ and NCSC in cooperation with academics and cyber experts from world leading academic and research centres, Aquilai’s Ajax technology is secure and unique.

Virtru was founded on the core belief that privacy-preserving data protection is both a fundamental right and a force multiplier for organizations. Unfortunately, digital privacy is under attack and existing privacy software solutions are insufficient and too complex. Virtru is disrupting this status quo by making data protection and sharing easy to use. We aim to elevate the global movement for greater digital privacy, and support the digital rights that are foundational to business security and productivity, democracy, and human rights across the globe. Making these aspirations a reality requires a broad range of expertise and perspectives. Virtru is committed to building a diverse and inclusive team, integrating a range of insights to create accessible, cutting edge data protection software with a global impact. It’s time to move beyond the insular and outdated approaches to privacy, and unlock the power of privacy to spark innovation and foster a more secure digital world.

SecureWare specialise in information security solutions and services. Providing discerning advice and performing the due diligence required to ensure our business partners receive an innovative and optimal solution. Placing ourselves in our customer’s shoes, gives us perspective; with integrity and honesty we work together with customers, educating and providing knowledge transfer whilst continually building upon our relationship.

MessageSolution team puts everyone’s skills to work creating software to solve IT problems for enterprises in various industries across the world. Managed by a team of highly experienced Silicon Valley veterans, MessageSolution is positioned to lead the rapidly growing enterprise information archiving and eDiscovery markets.

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