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The Phishing Simulation Platform. Clickphish provide you with an advanced client portal through which you can create and launch realistic controlled phishing tests; manage and customise all of your email, credential capture and landing page templates; and conduct detailed analysis of the resulting data through an advanced reporting engine.

Our commitment to you is a comprehensive security awareness and phishing simulation platform that focuses on real threats and truly educate and empower employees to be the first line of defence against phishing, ransomware, business email compromise and data breach. Cyber Risk Aware was founded by Stephen Burke, a former Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Cyber Insurance Underwriting Advisor with over 20+ years’ experience. Stephen, having faced numerous security incidents even though he invested heavily in technical defences, soon realised that cyber criminals had fully commercialised their operations and were no longer targeting systems directly but were targeting PEOPLE. Stephen started Cyber Risk Aware to enable companies help staff protect themselves and consequently, their company network and data.

SBS CyberSecurity, LLC (SBS) is a premier cybersecurity consulting and audit firm. Since 2004, SBS has been dedicated to assisting organizations with the implementation of valuable risk management programs and to mitigating cybersecurity risks. The company has provided cybersecurity solutions to over 1,300 organizations across the United States and abroad, including financial institutions ranging in asset size from $12 million to over $20 billion. SBS delivers unique, turnkey solutions tailored to each client’s needs, including cybersecurity risk management software, consulting services, network security, IT audit, and education. SBS CyberSecurity empowers customers to make more informed security decisions and trust the safety of their data.

CYBERBIT’s Intelligence division is a world leader in providing interception and Intelligence products and solutions to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) all over the globe, bringing the cyber dimension intelligence potential to the maximum. No matter how good your cybersecurity technology stack is, an attacker will eventually find a way into your network. Once they are in, you can only depend on the speed and performance of your security team. However, when security teams experience their first attack on the job, they are far from ready. Cyberbit’s cyber range ensures your team has the necessary experience to effectively mitigate an attack, and dramatically improves your team’s performance, by immersing them in a hyper-realistic cyber-attack simulation inside a virtual SOC, BEFORE the real attack occurs. We’ve created our cyber range platform to address a critical industry problem: conventional training does not prepare cybersecurity teams for the realities of an attack. Despite the significant investments in technology, even the best security stack will eventually be breached. When this happens, organizations depend on their incident response teams. But when security teams experience their first attack on the job, they are far from being ready. We’ve realized that the only way to prepare cyber defenders is to let them experience real-world, simulated cyberattacks BEFORE the attack.

Getting Cyber Security Right. First Time. Cyber Risk Management Group is a leading provider of cyber security and information risk consultancy services. CRMG cuts through complexity by focusing solely on what matters – protecting your business sufficiently with minimum fuss and disruption. We pride ourselves on the delivery of pragmatic approaches that protect your organisation in line with your true risk profile, at a sensible price point. CRMG is proud to be the Information Security Forum’s principal consulting partner in the UK.

• Minimise cybersecurity risk • Maximise cybersecurity resilience • The Security Company helps you establish the security behaviours your employees need to minimise cybersecurity risk and maximise cybersecurity resilience across your organisation. We support you to: • identify your organisation’s current cybersecurity maturity • set achievable cybersecurity goals • deploy the most effective range of interventions to drive success. You can choose from individual components through to precisely-tailored and comprehensive solutions that form core elements of your cybersecurity programme. These include: • a baseline survey that provides unique data and analysis on your cybersecurity start point (critical to demonstrate the successful impact of your programme) • dynamic and stimulating communication materials to raise awareness: o eLearning o micro-learning o interactive virtual training to improve knowledge and skills. And because we know training alone will not change behaviour, we support you in developing the strategic approaches that help embed secure behaviour in your organisation’s cybersecurity culture. These include management masterclasses and ambassador programmes. Putting your people at the heart of security.

At Station X, we understand the security needs and concerns of today’s businesses and will work closely with you to ensure your company is protected. We offer expert staff, superior tools and systems. When you choose Station X, you are selecting a partner that is dedicated to meeting your needs and providing you with superior service. Your security is our #1 priority. Our partners are all seasoned experts, highly ethical and dedicated to helping you improve your cyber security. We stay on top of the very latest industry developments and have acquired all of the top accreditations and certifications, including CISSP, CISA, CISM, CEH, CHECK, CREST, SABSA, TOGAF and ISO 27001 LA.

Apptega provides cybersecurity management software that makes it easy to build, manage and report all of your cybersecurity functions through a series of specialized apps. Each app represents an important element or control of your companies cybersecurity compliance management and automatically shares its data with other apps through a single online dashboard – saving hundreds of hours of manual administrative work and providing unprecedented visibility and control of your entire cybersecurity program.

NovaTech is a U.S.-based supplier of automation and engineering solutions for the electric utilities and process manufacturing industries. Our products and services are used by hundreds of utilities and numerous Fortune 100 process manufacturers worldwide to simplify complex technical challenges, reduce operational risk, and deliver the highest long term value.

TrueCyber has been formed to help customers navigate the increasingly complex world of cyber security. With over 1200 vendors in the market today it is becoming harder to determine which solutions provide the most value for your business. This is where TrueCyber can help.

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