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Ascent InfoSec provides professional cybersecurity consulting and managed security services to mid-size & large-size companies and public sector & educational organizations. Our services take a vendor-agnostic approach and work with any technology that is already in place. As part of advisory, we suggest best practices to reach your cybersecurity vision. Our consultants are certified and experienced in many technologies like McAfee, FireEye, enSilo, Sophos, TrendMicro, Symantec, Palo Alto, CrowdStrike, etc. We have partnerships with leading security services firms like Secureworks, AlienVault and ProtectWise. We offer unrivaled cross-section of strong technical expertise, deep real-world deployment experience, quality and actionable threat intelligence. You can feel confident leaving your information security needs in one of the Top 100 MSSPs, so you can focus on your business. Contact us today and ask about our services and bring a complete, trusted, state-of-the-art cybersecurity experience for your business.

Alpin cuts subscription costs and saves time on SaaS monitoring and management. In just 2 clicks, it discovers all users and the sprawling landscape of SaaS subscriptions -- especially the ones you don't know. It helps cut costs by up to 30% by showing wasted spend, comparing license costs to actual usage -- no more spreadsheets -- and helps you negotiate better deals with its budget forecasts. It monitors, reports on and archives activity, alerting your IT and Security teams to risky actions and dangerous permissions. Plus, it logs history for audit, compliance & reporting.

Software Vulnerability Management is a challenge for organizations of all sizes. It is an expansive discipline that cannot be addressed by technology alone, but must include policies, processes and technology. It is quite common that policies are not aligned with business needs, that processes are not integrated and that technologies are not implemented to their full capabilities. The result of the misalignment is that, despite security investments, we continue to see organizations being breached and suffering significant losses as a consequence of the exploitation of known software vulnerabilities. Flexera Software's acclaimed Software Vulnerability Management solutions address these challenges, protecting companies and computers around the world.

ManageEngine simplifies IT management with affordable software that offers the ease of use SMBs need and the powerful features the largest enterprises demand.

At IAI, we offer more than just technology. We offer creativity, born of a ’can-do’ attitude, combined with decades of combat-proven experience. A leader in both the defense and commercial markets, we deliver state-of-the-art technologies and systems in all domains – providing our customers with tailored, cutting-edge solutions in the unique challenges that they face.

Cyberseer was founded by industry leading experts in advanced threat management. Our aim was to set up a service that combats targeted and persistent cyber threats which many traditional security solutions fail to protect against. Cyberseer offer a 24×7 Managed Security Service (MSS) which fuses both machine learning and behavioral analytics from industry leading vendor technologies with Cyberseer’s automation and contextualisation platform to equip analysts with a prioritised view of potential threats that an organisation faces. All threats are reviewed and managed to closure by Cyberseer in collaboration with the customer. Our unique approach to Advanced Threat Management limits our customers’ exposure to attack and the consequences of suffering a damaging cyber breach.

Since 2003 Element Digital Security Services has been providing tailored information security guidance to companies & individuals. Our primary areas of expertise are Red Adversary Simulation & Purple Team Threat Services. We help companies find the most efficient paths to achieving compliance & building adequate security controls.

InCyber, LLC is dedicated to changing the cyber security landscape with a Patent Pending, Pro-ActiveSystem ™ PAS™ focused on Insider Threats. The Company’s goal is to defend enterprises against InsiderThreats and/or those impersonating Insider credentials such as Hackers, Terrorists, and Malware. Usingadvanced Machine Learning techniques, InCyber, LLC’s PAS System provides advance warning ofimpending attacks before they can damage, steal, or publicize sensitive data. This innovative level of defenseagainst Insider Threats offers companies an invaluable edge that present day solutions which operate eitherin near real-time or after the fact simply cannot provide. Companies with advance warning of an attack cansave millions by preventing such attacks instead of only mitigating the damage after the fact.

In Menlo Security ,we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of the Internet without the fear of risk or compromise. So we founded Menlo Security to eliminate the threat of malware from the web and email.Making the Internet safe requires a new approach. The prevailing methods of preventing attacks, all based on distinguishing 'good' content from 'bad', are not working and are increasingly being out-maneuvered by attackers. This is an arms race that we cannot win.We've taken a different approach: Our Isolation Platform provides a new layer in the security stack that contains and eliminates all malware, every time, and delivers a completely native experience to your users. And it doesn't require any software on your user's devices, so it's incredibly easy to deploy and simple to manage across any size enterprise.Our solution is trusted today by some of the world's largest enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies and financial services institutions. We invite you to learn more and enjoy a safer web experience.

Mantix4’s M4 Award Winning Cyber Threat Hunting Platform was originally developed in 2011 by a team of defense intelligence, cyber security, and military experts. The technology was purpose-built to reduce the complexity of their current infrastructure and give their security team real-time, actionable data to prevent and manage emerging cyber threats. Mantix4’s revolutionary technology bridges the large visibility gap left by traditional security technologies. Instead of spending months deploying technologies that attempt to sift through false positives, Mantix4 installs in under an hour, empowering IT professionals to proactively cyber hunt and effectively bridge the visibility gap. Within 24 hours, the platform is proactively collecting and displaying actionable information about inbound, outbound and lateral traffic. Mantix4 leverages advanced threat intelligence, big data analytics, and behavior anomalies, to give users context-based threat intelligence through a highly-visual platform. M4’s cyber hunting platform can even detect and neutralize sophisticated breaches, including advanced viruses that can ‘play dead,’ and lie dormant in a company’s systems for months. The company’s platform is delivered over the cloud in a Tier III Gold Certified Data Center. Customers can purchase the platform directly, or it can be managed by Mantix4’s anti-cyber attack team. It can also be delivered as-a- service by managed service providers (MSPs) and managed security service providers (MSSPs) with security operations centers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

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