Meet Jenny

Jenny finds, indexes and represents cyber security vendors into 43 different categories for our users.

Providing insightful information such as data sheets, white papers, vendor assertations, implementation guides, reviews and an option to compare vendors side by side right through to the ability to connect to the cyber security vendor teams.

Jenny saves users significant market research time.

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For our users - our pledge to you

1Integrity and Trust

When you use our platform, all your personal and user information will remain confidential. We won't share your information anywhere. Privacy Statement

2Technology Agnostic

There is no bias weighted on the information you see. Jenny will only display the facts letting you make an informed decision efficiently.

3Free Access

We provide free access with no restrictions to every single one of our users.

4Global Reach

Our uniquely built artificial intelligence technology enables Jenny to find thousands of cyber security suppliers globally for our users to access.

How Jenny can help our users?

Access to 1,000’s of cyber security suppliers in seconds

Jenny’s indispensable access to 1,000’s of suppliers allows our users to save significant time and effort usually required to research latest cyber security vendor insights versus using current mediums, therefore creating efficiencies to the decision-making process.

Real time updates

If there is a new cyber security supplier on the scene or there is a new category within cyber security products, services or solutions surfacing, Jenny will keep you up to date with these emerging trends.

Make an informed decision

Do you have a cyber security vendor in mind? Jenny can help validate them quickly.
Jenny comprehensively collects all the key information which ordinarily you may not find or take you weeks to research letting you make a timely and informed decision.

Research and access key insights quickly

Jenny has a number of custom-built research features for our users to access key insights quickly. Popular features include:
• Comparing up to 3 cyber security vendors side by side
• Display cyber security vendor white papers, assertations, implementation guides and product and service reviews
• The ability to connect you to cyber security vendor teams

Access Jenny anywhere

In addition to accessing Jenny by Web Portal Jenny is also available on Apple and Android so you can access her anytime, anywhere in the world – free to our users.