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3B Data Security is an approved PCI SSC PCI Forensic Investigator (PFI) and Qualified Security Assessor Company (QSAC). Specialising in digital forensics, incident response and data breach management services to all types of public and private sector organisations; such as retail, financial, ecommerce, utility companies and government institutions. Having worked in the digital forensics and the IT security industry for over a decade, specialising in forensic incident response, PCI DSS, PCI forensic investigations and data breach investigations; 3B Data Security has extensive knowledge of how to prevent, manage and forensically investigate incidents of data compromise and support organisations mitigate against the risk of being hacked or recover from incidents and prevent their reoccurrence. Over this time 3B Data Security staff have built close relationships with organisations like the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), the UK acquiring banks, credit card schemes and law enforcement agencies. 3B Data Security is an approved PCI SSC Qualified Security Assessor Company (QSAC) and an approved PCI SSC PCI Forensic Investigator (PFI) Company. The years of experience in forensically investigating data breaches has led to the development of services like the Cyber Security Incident Response Retainer Service (CSIRRS) which proactively supports all types of organisations before an incident occurs, as well as to help prevent and react most efficiently if one does. Staff have worked in Law Enforcement High-Tech Crime Units, Counter Terrorism Units and specialist security consultancy firms and are specialists in reacting to forensic computer incident response situations and helping organisations contain and forensically investigate data compromises. In addition to this 3B Data Security offer incident response planning and preparation consulting, data compromise mitigation, security training (inc. first responder, table top mock breach exercises & security awareness), incident response retainer services, PCI DSS consulting and penetration testing.

Using our extreme real-world experience we are able to deliver world class managed security services enabling situational awareness for people that care about their company data. We do this by utilising automation, rapid on-boarding and reducing response time via “Tiberium ENGAGE”, the worlds first Microsoft Teams integrated SOC workflow. Having delivered some extremely effective services in cloud-native environments, we understand the importance of transparency, and our business is built around customer satisfaction and ensuring our solutions meet your evolving Cyber Security needs

Claroty bridges the cybersecurity gap between IT and OT environments. Backed and adopted by leading industrial automation vendors, Claroty is deployed on all seven continents. Claroty’s solutions are technology-agnostic and enable customers to leverage their existing IT security infrastructure to protect their OT assets & networks. Installing, using, and maintaining Claroty’s solutions does not require customers to disrupt operations or make substantial investments in new tools or staffing. Claroty protects the bottom line by helping to ensure more uptime and greater efficiency across business and production operations.

Telesoft is a dynamic fast moving business seeking talented professionals. We design high performance data communications technologies and systems to allow communications service providers, network security organisations and large enterprises to monitor, analyse and protect their networks. Excelling in packet technologies Telesoft accelerates IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems) platforms including Bro, Snort & Suricata and penetration testing frameworks (including Kali Linux, MetaSploit and PytBull) using hardware acceleration of core features to achieve multiples of 10Gbps throughput in Commercially available Off The Shelf (COTS) compute platforms.

HEAT Software is a leading provider of Service Management and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) software solutions for organizations of all sizes. With its suite of applications, HEAT Software is the only company in the world that provides, from a single platform, Service Management and UEM software on-premises and in the cloud.

Infopercept’s vision and core values revolve around making organizations more secure through the core values of Honesty, Transparency and Knowledge, so as to enable them to make better informed decisions about their security practices & goals. With our synergistic vision to combine technical expertise and professional experience, we aim to further establish our place as a one stop shop for our clients and partners’ cybersecurity and accreditation needs. Our specialized core team comprises experienced veterans, technical experts & security enthusiasts having good practical experience & thorough knowledge in the Cybersecurity domain, latest trends, and security innovations; ensuring that you always get the best security approach & solution for your specific business needs exactly the way you want it to be.

SAWMILL: THE ONLY ANALYTICS SOLUTION YOU'LL NEED Throughout your network you need to know what is happening; you need precise analysis to make the right decisions that affect the growth and security of your business. Whatever you need to track, Sawmill provides the right solution at the right price. Sawmill's easy scalability and universal support helps you make better use of your data, with one application.

We are a diverse team that is passionate about enabling organizations to innovate and grow. Tackling hard problems and building new and innovating technologies is how we do that. We started Satori Cyber because we believe in the power of data to transform businesses and drive innovation and competitive advantage. We also acknowledge the challenges data-driven organizations face today when they are seeking to enable broad and optimized data access. Our mission is to provide a platform that allows organizations to maximize their return-on-data in an optimized, secure and compliant way.

Many people love risk, risk produces adrenaline, it makes you feel alive, produces emotions and is attractive. But when risk affects your business or company, it cannot be allowed. That leads us to look for ways to ensure our goods and business, that's where peacefulness becomes a must, specially when we are unable to see the risks that threaten us. It is precisely there where Camel Secure is born. It was born because there are people like you, because your business exists and we help you take care of it.

CHEQ is a military-grade cyber-security company with expertise in bot mitigation and user authentication. The company's technological core is based on extensive knowledge and experience from the Israeli military's leading intelligence and cyber-warfare division know as "Unit 8200". The company's R&D teams are made up of leading cyber-security researchers, machine learning experts and experienced, military trained developers.

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