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Capgemini’s Cybersecurity Global Service Line offers a complete range of cybersecurity services to guide and secure the digital transformation of companies and administrations. 2,500 professionals – consultants, auditors, architects, R&D specialists and ethical hackers – support you in defining and implementing your cybersecurity strategies. We have the resources to strengthen your defenses, optimize your investments and control your risks. We have a network of eight Security Operations Centers (SOCs) across the world and a broad ecosystem of technology partners.

InCyber, LLC is dedicated to changing the cyber security landscape with a Patent Pending, Pro-ActiveSystem ™ PAS™ focused on Insider Threats. The Company’s goal is to defend enterprises against InsiderThreats and/or those impersonating Insider credentials such as Hackers, Terrorists, and Malware. Usingadvanced Machine Learning techniques, InCyber, LLC’s PAS System provides advance warning ofimpending attacks before they can damage, steal, or publicize sensitive data. This innovative level of defenseagainst Insider Threats offers companies an invaluable edge that present day solutions which operate eitherin near real-time or after the fact simply cannot provide. Companies with advance warning of an attack cansave millions by preventing such attacks instead of only mitigating the damage after the fact.

Our mission is to create software that protects devices and their information from malware used by the cyber-mafia to infiltrate and monetize worldwide. The goal for our software is zero customer infections and breaches. We will aggressively market our products to reduce global infection rates and put a dent in the cyber-mafia economy. Retaining affordability and ease of use for any home, business or government regardless of technical capabilities or budget is crucial.

DFLabs was founded in 2003 and members of our team have been working in the cybersecurity industry since the early days of the internet. Our management and advisory team is composed of seasoned leaders from the government and private sector, including the EU, Accenture, Deutsche Bank and Guidance Software. Our experience in the security operations field includes contributing to industry standards such as ISO 27043, ISO 27035 and ISO 30121. We also engineered one of the first technical implementations of RFC 5070 (IETF). And we’re the only SOAR vendor with multiple technology patents. We are proud to be the only European-based SOAR vendor, headquartered in Milan, Italy, with global operations throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Cybereason is the leader in advanced endpoint protection, offering endpoint detection and response, next-generation antivirus, managed monitoring and IR services. Founded by elite intelligence professionals born and bred in offense-first hunting, Cybereason gives Enterprises the upper hand over cyber adversaries. The Cybereason platform is powered by a custom-built in-memory graph, the only truly automated hunting engine anywhere. It detects behavioural patterns across every endpoint and surfaces malicious operations in an exceptionally user-friendly interface.Since 2012 we have received over $500m in funding from companies such as Softbank and Lockheed Martin which has enabled us to become one of the worlds leader Cyber Security businesses. Now with offices across the global we are well placed to offer products and services to clients worldwide.

Swimlane is a leader in security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR). By automating time-intensive, manual processes and operational workflows and delivering powerful, consolidated analytics, real-time dashboards and reporting from across your security infrastructure, Swimlane maximizes the incident response capabilities of over-burdened and understaffed security operations. Swimlane was founded to deliver scalable, innovative and flexible security solutions to organizations struggling with alert fatigue, vendor proliferation and chronic staffing shortages. Swimlane is at the forefront of the growing market for security automation and orchestration solutions that automate and organize security processes in repeatable ways to get the most out of available resources and accelerate incident response. Swimlane offers a broad array of features aimed at helping organizations to address both simple and complex security activities, from prioritizing alerts to remediating threats and improving performance across the entire operation.

SecureWorks Inc. is a United States-based subsidiary that provides information security services, protecting its customers' computers, networks and information assets from malicious activity such as cybercrime. As the world leader in cybersecurity solutions, Secureworks combines machine learning with human intelligence to detect faster, respond smarter, and predict and prevent more threats altogether.

IOActive serves as a trusted security advisor to the Global 500 and other progressive enterprises, helping to safeguard their most important assets and improve their overall security posture. We have domain expertise in several vertical industries. We understand the needs of financial institutions are different than the needs of medical device manufacturers. Unlike automated security scanning tools, we combine today’s advanced risk management security frameworks and carefully focused threat models with our wealth of experience to secure and preserve your organization’s future.

Kudelski Security is a leading cybersecurity company with one major goal: to disrupt the cybersecurity status quo. We partner with our clients to enhance their cyber confidence, threat immunity and data-protection through our comprehensive consulting, technology engagements, managed security services, and ability to innovate to create new capabilities.

IT-CNP, Inc. is a Government service oriented business enterprise headquartered in Columbia, Maryland. IT-CNP prides itself on its ability to strategically deliver information technology solutions to a diverse portfolio of Federal, State and Local Government customers. IT-CNP provides a variety of premier government-oriented web hosting, cyber security, information management and helpdesk services as a standard set of its service offerings. IT-CNP also provides industry leading certified professionals with solid technical background experience that enable them to address a full range of IT hardware and support issues.

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