Managed Security Service Providers have been around for some time now



Jawahir Abdi



24 Aug, 2020


The evolution of Managed Security Service Providers

Managed Security Service Providers have been around for some time now, offering services from managing firewalls, blocking viruses and spam to detecting intrusion attempts all the way to the “next gen advanced security operations centres”. There are quite a few benefits and reasons why organisations may choose Managed Security Service Providers’s. They can provide consultancy services, device management, and even vulnerability management. This means you do not need specialist security skilled staff or invest into purchasing hardware–allowing you to save costs and ultimately you have more time to focus on your business.

The advantages of a Managed Security Service Provider

One of the major advantages of working with a service provider is the wide range of cyber security expertise offered, allowing you to gain access to specialists with in-depth knowledge. Often, they utilise experience gained from previously working on security issues for other companies, enhancing their skills by learning from different attack strategies. Because of their experiences, they may have come across resources you were unaware of, improving their ability to eliminate security issues. This grants you certainty that your company will be protected well from cyber criminals and sensitive data will be managed adequately.

Managed Security Service Providers’s have advanced technologies or tools to handle a wide range of security threats. Not only will they have tested and tried their technology but incorporated it into various solutions to match the specific needs of clients–helping you to mitigate cyber security risks. For example, if your company predominantly deals with malware, an Managed Security Service Providers might have anti-malware solutions and tools that you may have not known of, due to a lack of real world experience. Furthermore, in-house IT teams don’t have the time to constantly keep up to date with the newest prevention tactics for your organisation.

Less Work, More Time

Most offer continuous monitoring with automatic detection and handling of vulnerabilities. A Managed Security Service Providers can predict threats, automatically detect tactics that may be offensive and respond effectively to an attack or threat – which leads to a reduction in the likelihood of an attacker succeeding. Allowing them to handle all of this means a lot less work you need to do yourselves.

Always up-to-date

Each industry faces specific challenges. The healthcare industry may be susceptible to insider threats, with criminals attempting to gain patient data, or government industries may need to manage relentless cyber-attacks. By partnering with a Managed Security Service Providers’s it enables you to have excellent protection and security tailored to your needs as they can manage security issues based on your own unique needs and requirements. With the services they offer, your organisation can benefit from security experts.

Cost Effective

Purchasing, building and maintaining cyber-security tools can be costly. In most instances operating the necessary software requires specific appliances to keep everything running, and the most common misconception is hiring Managed Security Service Providers’s is expensive. However, collaborating with an Managed Security Service Providers reduces costs in areas such as training, investments and repercussions from security incidents. Directly seeking help from the expert means you are not required to make sure your team has the skills or knowledge to handle cyber security threats–allowing you to benefit from those with the insight and experience. You also avoid investment costs by not spending money to buy your own hardware or applications. The 24-hour protection that is guaranteed allows you to completely evade future costs due to the consequences of an intrusion and cyber-security incident.

You could also free up a vast amount of time by working with an Managed Security Service Providers, allowing you more time to focus on your business. Using an external team to assist with security processes proves an opportunity for your internal IT team to work on other innovative tasks. Instead of constantly monitoring for updates, this allows them to contribute to other business goals that might have temporally put on pause because of security issues.

Clear signs you need a Managed Security Service Providers

So, how do you know you need an Managed Security Service Providers? A clear sign may be your limited budget, an overwhelming number of alerts or your organisations inability to analyse and resolve incidents effectively.

Over the last few years, we have also seen an explosion of ICT providers. They are traditionally focused on infrastructure and manage workplace, starting to offer a light touch security service and then into the diverse world of security consulting.

We know how to help you

At Decipher Cyber Jenny we are aware of how difficult it may be to come to a decision. What we are seeing is that with so much choice on offer, organisations can become overwhelmed–not knowing where to begin. They may start asking questions like the following:

  • How do we choose the correct provider for us?
  • Which provider best suits our culture? 
  • Where do we start to find these providers? 
  • How do we know that the solutions that are presented are not an overkill/under kill? 
  • How do we know if their services are real and not just vapour ware?

The Lighthouse of a Noisy Market

It is important to understand how extremely busy and noisy the global market. With an increase and sudden explosion of providers wanting to bring their well-meaning solutions and services to the market, it has made it difficult to select the right provider and solution without understanding the business drivers that you are focused on. For example, are you trying to address:

  • Lack of internal skills
  • Meeting an audit or compliance need
  • Improving security posture
  • Board exposure
  • Previous incident or data breach
  • Digital transformation

The need to address these concerns are important. Of course, you can talk to research firms that house lots of information about the providers. But what happens if you don’t have the access via a contract with them in the first place? You can talk to your peers, check out forums, go to events, talk to the Managed Security Service Providers’s themselves. This will take a significant amount of time and investment of energy, but will help you decide what you want and more importantly what you don’t want.

Find the right Vendor for You, Now

At Decipher Cyber Jenny you can discover the right provider for you. Using our Security Web Intelligence Platform, you can research and determine exactly what you need. With the help of Jenny, you can find a variety of vendors from different niches. Thousands of solutions will be available to you in an instant with no hassle and all for free, providing you with quantified information.


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